Multifunctional Point of Sale (POS)

Multifunctional Point of Sale (POS) Fast and secure sales, credits, returns in store, on-line and over the phone, all from within POS.

Perfect For All Sizes of Motor Factor

The best set of sales solutions you’ve ever had access to.
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Inventory Management

Manage all facets of your inventory in one place.

Warehouse Management

Know exactly what you have and where it is.
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Back Office Reports

Take care of admin work without breaking a sweat.

Real-time Reporting: Canned & Custom

All your reports the way you like them nice, neat and now.


Manage your business relationships directly from within the Fuse5 cloud based business management system.


Keep up with and take care of all your customers and prospects.
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Multi-search custom reports
Analyse and gain insight into whatever you’d like to know.

No coding necessary
All Fuse5 reports are already coded for you, saving you time.

Request custom reports
Ask our customer support team to make you a custom report, and they’ll have it built for you in a few days.

160+ canned reports
We save and share all customer-requested reports. So regardless of who asked for it, you get it.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
VOC reports by account for Paint & Refinish Suppliers

Schedule reports
Set the days and time you want specific reports to run and have them sent to your email in Excel or web-browser format.

Easy to export
All Fuse5 data, including accounts, products, sales history and reports, can be instantly exported to your desktop for further analysis in Excel or can be sent straight to your accountant or colleague.

Customize access
Organise employees by “role” to quickly and easily manage who can see and do.

No data limits
All reports and data are safe and saved forever in Fuse5’s private cloud environment hosted by Rackspace.

Data warehouse programs
Fuse5 currently participates in many data warehouse programs and can automatically submit your info to any data warehouse program of your choice.

Track purchases and payments
Directly track what you owe to your suppliers and on what terms, including warranties, defects, surcharges/cores, credits and more.

Easy supplier invoice reconciliation
Import invoices from suppliers through an EDI connection. Quickly and easily compare billed versus received costs and quantities. This ensures your invoice line item costs and accounts payables are accurate. Our supplier invoice reconciliation saves you hours each month.

No more paper
No need to print out POs to scan or fax them to your suppliers. Everything is on the cloud and can be sent directly to suppliers through an EDI connection, integrated email or eFax.

Fusion between Fuse5 customers
Fuse5 has its own real-time visibility tool called Fusion. Fuse5 users can use it to see each other’s pricing and availability, place orders, sales history and much more.

Use multiple EDIs at the same time
Supported EDIs include TecCom, GCommerce, CorCentric, Transnet, AConneX, BabelPart, and Fusion.

Get more functionality
Fuse5 uses EDI connections in places other systems don’t. For example, use an EDI from inside your POS catalogue to view pricing and availability and place orders—all without going to your “create PO” page.

Save time
No need to reformat, print or export any files. Just send them straight to your suppliers through the EDI.

Choose how to run statements
Run statements any day and date range you want without the risk of calling the current billing period past-due.

Customer-friendly format
Statements show past-due totals by week or month (instead of 30-60-90) and can be emailed directly from Fuse5.

Custom statements
Customise terms, layouts and past-due comments for customers.

Combine statements
Make it easier on yourself by combining open item and balance forward statements into a single batch.

Easily post payments
Apply finance charges and discount options, or use the un-do or edit button to fix misapplied ROAs.

Email invoices
No more paper, postage or printing. Email invoices, receipts and statements directly through Fuse5 to your customers.

Accurate EOD (End of Day)
Keep track of all daily sales by location, salesperson, and payment method to ensure you don’t have any discrepancies in your till drawer.

World-class accounting
If you can’t beat ‘em, use ‘em. QuickBooks has 85 percent market-share for all small-to-medium businesses. Instead of attempting to build something we knew couldn’t be as good, we focused on a seamless real-time integration.

One sync, a ton of capabilities
By syncing Fuse5 with QuickBooks, you can generate balance sheets and profit and loss statements, process payroll, manage depreciation and amortisation schedules, import bank and credit card statements for automated reconciliation, and keep up on the latest tax laws.

Fast, one-time setup
Setup takes just 20 minutes once.

Mobile dashboard
View the dashboard easily on your smartphone. Gain additional control with the Fuse5 mobile app.

Interactive alerts
Receive real-time alerts on any page of Fuse5 with pop-up windows you can directly act on.

Display real-time graphs
View real-time graphs from anywhere in the world on virtually any device with an Internet connection.

Customise viewable data
Decide what info you want to see on your dashboard, including daily sales by counterman, real-time inventory assets, GP% by location and more. The possibilities are pretty close to endless.

Customise access
Dashboards are role- and user-based. That means you can set what each employee can see on their own dashboard.

No data limits
All reports and data are safe and saved forever in Fuse5’s private cloud environment hosted by Rackspace.

Greater accuracy
Track commissions on sales and returns for each account, sales group, salesman, and counter staff on a line-item bases by money or units. Set different rules for different products or promotions.

Custom commission rate rules
Apply as many commission rate rules to each employee as you like, based on account, product group, order quantity and more.

Track for multiple employees
Track commissions for just a few employees or all of them. Fuse5 will produce the weekly and monthly reports for you and can even send it directly to your payroll company.

Built-in time clock
Every time an employee logs in to Fuse5 they can “clock in,” and every time they log out they can “clock out.” There’s no need for a physical time clock or separate software. Simple as that.

Track tasks in detail
Track the tasks, WIPs and detailed jobs each technician works on throughout the day. Pay bonuses on high efficiency techs and track labour by job with great reports for follow-up.

Track every hour
Keep track of regular, sick, holidays, overtime, and holiday hours.

Synchronised HR
Sync every employee’s hours with Human Resources to quickly and easily calculate their pay.

Easy to export
Export payroll reports as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet so you can email it to your payroll department or external payroll company.

Easy time-off requests
Employees can use Fuse5 to request time off for holiday or personal reasons. Managers can track and respond to these requests from within Fuse5 as well.

Keep track of everyone’s benefits
Store all employee information, including benefits, insurance, holiday hours, sick days.

No more paper
No need to keep file folders on every employee. Everything is available through the employee’s Fuse5 profile and stored forever in the cloud.

Always real-time data
Your products, inventory, orders and customers are always real-time regardless of how you access Fuse5.

Easy-to-use interface
Everything is tailored for the size of your smartphone’s screen.

Receive electronic signatures
Delivery and dispatch drivers can capture electronic signatures from customers when they deliver the parts.

Mobile dashboard
You can always access Fuse5 from a web browser on a phone or tablet. However, the Fuse5 mobile app provides an optimised interface designed specifically for small screens. It’s all the great features of your dashboard, only easier to act on when you are out of the office and on-the-move.