Multifunctional Point of Sale (POS)

Multifunctional Point of Sale (POS) Fast and secure sales, credits, returns in store, on-line and over the phone, all from within POS.

Perfect For All Sizes of Motor Factor

The best set of sales solutions you’ve ever had access to.
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Inventory Management

Manage all facets of your inventory in one place.

Warehouse Management

Know exactly what you have and where it is.
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Back Office Reports

Take care of admin work without breaking a sweat.

Real-time Reporting: Canned & Custom

All your reports the way you like them nice, neat and now.
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Manage your business relationships directly from within the Fuse5 cloud based business management system.


Keep up with and take care of all your customers and prospects.

Generate leads and convert accounts
Create leads with multiple contacts and convert them to accounts when they start buying from you.

Easy tracking and assignments
Track events, appointments, calls and reminders, and assign to any employee or salesperson.

Customer calendar
Salespeople can use the calendar to manage their delivery schedule. Workshops can also use it to manage appointments and jobs.

Easy-to-access contacts
Each salesperson can view each customer’s account details and history on their smartphone before they walk into each store.

Even easier with Fuse5 Mobile
All of this gets even easier with the Fuse5 Mobile app as opposed to simply using the web browser from the smartphone to access Fuse5.

Sales groups
Organise your accounts into unlimited sales groups, which can be assigned to sales people or used to run promotions or create reports, pricing or advertisements.

Send automatic reports
Set any of your real-time reports to automatically send to any employee, customer or supplier you like.

Email invoices
No more paper, postage or printing. Send invoices, receipts and statements through email to your customers.

No data limits
Store unlimited emails for customers, contacts, leads, employees and vendors. All email data is safe and saved forever in Fuse5’s private cloud environment hosted by Rackspace.

Automated tracking
Tracking promotions in Fuse5 is a totally automated process. That way you never have to spend hours on collecting, exporting or calculating this kind of data again.

Easily create and apply promotions
Once you have set the framework for your promotion you can then apply the promotion to all accounts or selected accounts and sales groups. Current users have used this feature to track gift giveaways, raffles, contests and bonus credits.

Always real-time data
Your products, inventory, orders and customers are always real-time regardless of how you access Fuse5.

Easy-to-use interface
Everything is tailored for the size of your smartphone’s screen.

Receive electronic signatures
Delivery and dispatch drivers can capture electronic signatures from customers when they deliver the parts.

Mobile dashboard
You can always access Fuse5 from a web browser on a phone or tablet. However, the Fuse5 mobile app provides an optimised interface designed specifically for small screens. It’s all the great features of your dashboard, only easier to act on when you are out of the office and on-the-move.